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staperk825 in coc_forum

Thank you for your responses to my last entry. I read the information linked to me and I some things I really liked and some things I was a little uneasy about.

Here's my next question. The Church of Christ isn't affilated with the Iternational Church of Christ, which many consider to be a cult, is it. If it isn't, how can I tell the difference?



No it`s not in anyway associated with it! We are just the New Testament Church found in the New Testament. You can tell the difference by seeing if they follow what the Bible teaches.
I don`t know if this helps, but I found this on the internet:
Mar. 15, 2005 - Please Note: Over the past couple of years, the International Church of Christ has experienced major upheavals and changes. After founder Kip McKean - who is responsible for much of the biblically erroneous and abusive nature of the ICOC - stepped down and then returned to 'ministry.' McKean and his wife took over the Portland Church of Christ and soon again attempted to exert authority over the other ICOC churches.

In Febr. 2003, Henry Kriete - a leader in the London Church of Christ - released a paper titled, Honest to God. It was critical of many ICOC practices.

In response, three major factions formed:

1.) There is a reformist group that has taken heed to Henry Kriete and others, who are actively trying to make things better and change.

2) There is a moderate group that, while they recognize that reform is necessary, feel that the current rate of reform is sufficient and believe that the abuses will be taken care of, eventually. They do not feel that they need to go to the perceived 'extreme' measures of the reformist group, to be radical about reform.

3) There is a conservative or traditionalist group, that feel that Kriete's letter and other criticisms (even positive ones) are just being used by the enemies of the ICC in trying to tear it down, and that the ICC has become 'soft' and 'weak'. They want to return to the glory days of old, when things were more black-and-white and definitive (for instance, mandatory disciplers telling people what to do). This group is divided however; some want a return of a high power, Kip, but others do not want Kip to return. Read UpCyberDown and you'll see many of these comments.
Source: Three Major Factions Chris Lee, at Reveal.org
one thing the shows that it is not the Church is that it was founded by a man, not Jesus, named Kid Mckean. That is a BIG difference. i think they tried to come into some of the Churches of Christ and take over and make them apart of them, but that just cause a lot of problems.
Just study the book of Acts and the New Testament and see what it says that we must do to be his Children. Don`t listen to me or any other person, you seem very smart and the Bible is easy to understand when it comes to salvation and his Church.

May 2008

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