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vt_mama in coc_forum

Introduction from Newbie

Howdy! I'm Viv.  I was raised in the CofC.  Some things I hold with and others I don't.  I was wondering...if I don't hold with all teachings of the CofC, may I still be included in the group?

Just in case....

Born a Texan, reside in Vermont for the past 21 years.  I'm a wife, a mom of 3 ~ all on varying points of the autism spectrum.  I'm fat, happy, sort of outspoken. *(unless I'm in a CofC congregation  of course - snicker,giggle)  AND...I LOVE to sing to and about the Lord ~ especially accapella.

Here's hoping all of you have a wonderful weekend.

Please feel free to message me to say howdy.


Welcome here! I am glad to see someone posting.
I too am a CofC member, though I was not raised in it. I've been attending since 1985 and I cannot see myself in any other congregation or denomination.
There are a few things I don't hold to either that the CofC believes. But I don't think that should or would stop me from attending. I'd betcha there are Catholics for example who practice birth control but yet are devout, and I see nothing wrong with that.
About me-I am a native Californian but now live in sin City Nevada, LOLOLOLOL, where there are several flourishing Churches of Christ!
I have two girls, one of them has Down Syndrome, and I am a stay at home mommy; Hubbit, who does not attend, is a computer technician at our county hospital.
How old are your young uns? Mine are 13 going on 35 :) and 8. My little one has DS.

Howdy! Thanks for the reply

So, how did you come to the CofC? There was a church bus that came down our street doing outreach ministry and asked our parents if it was ok to come by and pick us up on Sunday. My mom said "ok" and they came & got a bunch of us. They made it fun for us!

Wow, there are several flourishing congregations in LasVegas? That's cool! My husband doesn't go to church either; in fact, he won't admit it, but he's sort of antagonistic to it. Do your girls go with you? I have a son-22, a son-10 and a daughter-9. I've added you as a friend if that's ok. "talk" to ya' later. :)

Re: Howdy! Thanks for the reply

Hi, I am so sorry this is late, but the comment got lost in my email!
A friend of mine invited me to the church, I said yes and never looked back! My teen ager doesn't go all the time, it's kind of a hard line, I want her to go but I don't want to push her away either, and my 8 year old loves going and goes every week.
Yes there are probably 5 or six very healthy congregations here. OUr attendance is between 75 and 90 on Sunday monrings. Tehre are at least two COFC whose numbers are larger than ours. One of them, the Boulevard Church, is huge; I went once and it did not feel welcoming at all.
I'm not really sure what "holding to CofC doctrine" means unless you are talking about the United Church of Christ denomination, since churches are autonomous and can believe different things without some national organization dictating what they practice/teach. For me, the main thing is to follow the Bible's teachings. I admire both of you for attending anyway if it doesn't offend your conscience and not causing division. Anyway, I am glad there is some action in this group. I joined and forgot about it because there haven't been any posts.

Do either of you care to post your disagreements and possibly follow up with a study? I am of the mind that if I am wrong I need to study and change, so maybe you have a point of view that I haven't heard yet.

To introduce myself, I am Jessica and I'm from Arkansas. I am an occupational therapist turn stay-at-home mom. My baby boy has spina bifida but is doing really well. I worked in public schools before having him and hubby is an RN, so really, we are kind of uniquely equipped for dealing with his challenges. We attend a church of about 125. Hubby grew up "in the church" and I did not. I converted in college after meeting him and studying with our former preacher.

CofC Doctrine & other stuff

Hi Jessica! Nice to meet you! Actually UCC isn't the issue so much of CofC ~ Church of Christ. Although, known by the name as a denomination, doesn't accept the distinction of being a denomination. LOL! One of the main things I don't quite hold with are "women not allowed to speak, lead, preach in church".

How old is your baby boy? I'm glad he's doing really well. That can be pretty serious. You mention that you are an OT, is that helpful in your care of your son? I'd have to think it couldn't' hurt, right?

I'm a one:one para for a student with special needs. I keep remembering her OT telling her, about her cursive writing, "keep that web space open". LOL!

So, you and your hubby go to church together? Waah! I'm envious! It seems like it would be so great to have a united family. Oh well.

I would certainly be up for bible study! Anyone else?

Thanks, Viv

Re: CofC Doctrine & other stuff

Nice to meet you too, Viv! My baby is 5 months old. He's awesome, but I'm biased! Being an OT helps with dealing with all the docs, nurses and therapists in his life, but I am not sure if it's good or bad for him. I am acutely aware of his development and tend to worry about every little milestone! Poor baby! Ah, yes...open web spaces. So important for writing!

Yep, me and hubby go together. Actually, he often leads singing or prayers and have preached a few times in the absence of our regular preacher. It is nice. It must be hard not to attend with your hubby.

So, do you think that the Bible teaches that it's okay for women to be in positions of authority in the church assembly? I know that women were integral to the inner workings of the church and serve God in ways that are authorized, but I can't find an example of a woman who lead in a public way. I think that would violate the command in 1 Cor 14:34 for women to keep silent in the assembly and 1 Tim 2:12 where women are forbidden to teach or exercise authority over a man. Women can teach Bible classes to other women and to children without violating this. They can have informal studies with men without violating it, too because this is specific to the public assembly of the church. The word for teach in that passage means a public speech, according to Thayer.

Re: CofC Doctrine & other stuff

Hi! I'm Amber from Michigan. I'm 22 and a stay at home mom with a 2 year old daughter and a baby due the beginning of April. I became a christian when I was 18 after meeting my future husband, at a christmas program put on by the church that some of my cousins were involved in, and studying with him and attending church with him.

I'm just gonna jump into this discussion and say I agree with Jessica on the roles of women in the church. The bible teaches that women are not to lead or preach (to men) in the church. There are other roles women are to fulfill so that all the parts of the body function as one. This was not a command that was easy for me to swallow when I first began attending church but one the I came to accept because it was the word of God and all the studying that I did on my own and with members of the church came to the same conclusion.

I'm open to studying more on this or any subject. :)

Re: CofC Doctrine & other stuff

Welcome, Amber! Congrats on your fast-approaching due date! I am open to any discussion/study as well! I hope we can keep all of this civil. I want you to all know that if I disagree with you, please assume the best intentions of me. I want to study and learn and do it in a way that is pleasing to God. I never mean to hurt someone!

Re: CofC Doctrine & other stuff

I agree with jessotr. They can teach women and also for children.


I'm still new at this whole livejournal thing. Thankfully the replies got sent to my e-mail address because I haven't been able to find the CofC forum since! Is there a way to attach it to my journal? I'd love to converse back and forth with ya'll....just not sure how.

Re: Ummmm....help?

If you go to your friends page any new entries from coc should be there or you can go to your user info and it should be under your friends

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