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Hello, my name is Stacey. I can tell that this community has just started, but I wanted to join and ask a few questions.

I must admit that I’ve never been to a Church of Christ before, but I’ve attended a lot of denominational churches. I grew up in the Nazarene church and I have attended Orthodox, Baptist, Wesleyan, Non-denominational, Assembly of God, and Congregational Methodist churches. I recently stumbled across a website with free bible lessons that I really enjoyed and later found out was based on the biblical teachings of the Church of Christ. I became pretty intrigued.

I had trouble accepting the biblical teaching that God doesn’t want us using instruments in worship. I still haven’t made my mind up about that one. On one hand, I’m not sure God minds there being a piano, but I can see where there is a problem when there is a full fledged band more worried about impressing the congregation than worshiping God. I think this is something I could possibly come to accept. Perhaps it’s something I should pray about.

I do have two questions that I’d like to ask of the people who are members here. What is the Church of Christ’s view on homosexuality? Do they believe it is a sin, or do they think that homosexuals should be able to preach like the United Methodist do? I know that the Old Testament expressly states that homosexuality is wrong, but the New Testament only mentions sexual impurity and a man leaving his parents to become one with his wife.

Also, does the Church of Christ believe that they are the one true church and that only members of this church will go to Heaven? What about the Baptists, can they make it into Heaven? I know there are some churches with an attitude of superiority. Have any of you ever sensed that in the Church of Christ?

So far I’ve pretty much liked everything I’ve heard, learned, and read. There are some things I truly agree with and I love how the church is so biblically based. I’m just trying to learn a few more things about the church. Thanks for your help.


Hi Stacey! My name is Nancy, I`d be glad to answer your questions. First of all I won`t give you my personal opinion, but Gods teaching, that we find in his word, the Bible. The Church of Christ, or Christs Church, Or Christs body, was started in Act Chapter 2 on the day of Pentecost. Christ is the head (Ephesians 5:22)of the Church and we are his body (Ephesians 4:4-6). There is only one Church spoken of in the New Testament, Christ purchased the Church with his blood on the cross (Ephes.4:25). You are added to the Church when you repent of your sins and confess Christ and are Baptized Acts 2:38! This is why we believe that we are going to heaven because we are trying to follow what the Bible teaches. We are not a denomination, we are Christs Church. But anyone that obeys the Bible and its teachings and are baptized for the remission of ones sins are going to heaven. You can`t be a part of John Calvins Church and his teachings or Martin Luther (1 Cor6:15 )and his teachings or Joseph Smith and teachings, but only Jesus Christ and his teachings. When you get married(or the way it used to be) you took your Husbands name (Rom 7:4;2Co 11:2;), the Church is called the Bride of Christ, so we must wear his name(Col 2:18&19) There are local congregations, but one Church!You can Know if you are his Children if you obey his commands(1john 5:2)
About homosexuality, the New Testement does condemn this sexual sin. Look in Romans the 1st chapter. read the whole chapter, it specifically talks about men with men committing what is sinful(vs.27) in (vs 26) women exchanging the natural use for what is against nature. God loves all men and wants all men to be saved, but he hates sin, sin separates us from God. So we couldn`t have a homosexual preacher, because he is sinning and that separates him from God. Now if he WAS one and he repents(turns away from his or her sin, stops doing the sinful acts)(Act 3:19;Act26:20)and is baptized for the forgiveness of sin, then he could preach.
Read , study and if you want to discuss more, just ask me!
Hi Stacey. My name is Lois. I have been a member of the church for over 20 years. I am grateful you are searching for the truth and not just accepting whatever people tell you.

This is a really great link, full of wonderful information. Hope it helps!

I am very glad to know your interest to learn the truth about the Church. There are so many denominations that were founded by the men. But there is only one church that was prophesied and built by Christ who is the Lord and Saviour.. Math 16:18. He shed His blood for His church and purchased it with His blood.It is His body and He is the Head of the church. And it is His kingdom and it His bride.Homosexualilty is a sin.
I am herarty invitin you two good forums. I have been member there for several years. www.preachersfiles.com and www.siteforthelord.com

Thank you.
Hi Stacey. I'm new to this forum too. I've been involved in a few denominations in my past, and played in a church rock band. When my studies in the scriptures led me to change my ways, I did find it hard. But it comes down to the biblical teaching of obedience - and playing instruments is just one application of that. A favorite song of mine before I was baptised into Christ was Keith Green's "To Obey is Better than Sacrifice" - and that helped me when it came to dropping what I thought were good things to do for God, and learning to embrace what God says.

But your question "does the Church of Christ believe..." is pretty much impossible to answer (in this space)! Over the years I've encountered a wide range of beliefs...which shouldn't surprise us when we read (in the NT) what various members believed in the first century. There are some members of the church of Christ who believe pretty much what you've described and some who don't. (Just as there are some Baptists, etc who believe the same of themselves.) As we don't have an official creed other than the scriptures, I can't say "this is what the Church of Christ believes". I can only point to what the scriptures say, and affirm "This is what the church of Christ should believe!"

And it depends what you mean by "church of Christ". If you mean Christ's church - i.e. his people - then that makes for quite a different picture than if you mean any congregations which have those words on the sign out the front. Where I live, there is a denomination called "Church of Christ", and they don't bear much resemblance to the one we read about in the new testament!

Anyway, on homosexuals I'll add a couple of passages to those which Nancy well pointed out (which show that it is unquestionably a sin). 1 Cor 6:9-11 shows that ex-homosexuals have been in the church since the first century, but putting it behind you is essential to that. It's not an unforgivable sin. Like covetousness or drunkenness, it can and has been forgiven whenever someone is converted. Also, some people say that Jesus didn't speak against homosexuality, but in Matthew 5:17-19 Jesus gave full endorsement to the Old Testament while it was still in force, and taught people to obey it, so that includes the OT prohibition of homosexual acts. He also spoke against fornication (Mt 15:19-20), which is a broad term encompassing all sexual sin.

I hope what I've said has been further help to you. Keep "examining the scriptures"! (Acts 17:11)

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