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Happy New Year and a Question to Get Things Going

So, with the new year upon us, we should stir things up a bit and get some conversation going in here.

Let's start with a little encouragement. What is everyone's favourite part of worship?
Personally, the Lord's supper is the focal point for me. I find it a great mix of guilt, motivation, and reminder of the unity we share as Christians. The best example of this was a service I remember attending where the congregation waited until everyone had been served and then took the emblems at the same time.


For me, it's the singing, no doubt. I love to sing, and because of the acappella, I am of the opinion that no church group can sing like the Church of Christ. But my main reason for finding the singing to be my favorite part of worship is simply that I am a very quiet worshipper, wholeheartedly worshipping but keeping it inside myself, so the singing out loud and at full volume is a way I can comfortably worship out loud. I hope this makes sense.

favorite part of worship

Probably, the singing is my most favorite part of worship. This is the time I feel closest to the Lord. I think that's the way He made me.

I do love communion ~ however, so much is insisted upon about "eating and drinking judgement unto ones self" if you partake improperly that it is hard to be worshipful and focus on the incredible gift Christ gave us and not feel worried that you might be doing something wrong.
Yep, it's the Lord's Supper for me too. Sure, it often gets treated like the leper of worship, but it's what the disciples come together for on the first day of the week, and it proclaims our Saviour's death till he comes. "I love to tell the story..."

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